Super Deluxe: Bridge Run 5 Years Running

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What’s next up for Super Deluxe? We’ll be joining the Blue Dogs, Joey Morant, and Edwin McCain for our 5th straight Cooper River Bridge Run. We’ll be playing bright and early Saturday, April 5th. 40,000 crazy runners at 8:00am is not our typical gig. On your mark… get set…

Super Deluxe Opens for Who’s Bad at Music Farm


Super Deluxe opens for our friends Who’s Bad tonight, Friday, March 14th, at the Music Farm. The line-up is a first of a kind and will feature yours truly on saxophones, Patrick Marzett on pocket trumpet, Kenny Shider on bass, AJ Jenkins on drums, and DJ Mateo on turntables. Super Deluxe takes the stage at 9pm!

Charleston Fashion Week 2014

Very excited to be putting together the music for one of the runway designers in this year’s Charleston Fashion Week retail runway show… JLINSNIDER!

Gettin’ Down


Thomas Kenney Photography

A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.
— Euripides

Fat Tuesday Surprise

Raleigh Static for Oak City Hustle

“I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.”
— Herbert Rappaport

Shot by Black Dave

Groundhog Concert: Resound Mag Review

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To me, the words “benefit” at a “music hall” implies stiffness, fancy evening wear, and music that everyone expects to hear and has heard before. That’s not the kind of show the Charleston Music Hall puts on, though, and it wasn’t that kind of benefit. The music played at the Groundhog Day Benefit concert was much like the city of Charleston itself—southern, surprising and unlike any other.

Charleston Music Hall: Groundhog Day Concert 2/1/14 | Resound Magazine

Groundhog Concert: Art Mag Review

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I was in awe again at the Charleston Music Hall Saturday night as Bill Carson led us into a wonderland of aural bliss. He and a mind-boggling group of minstrels played hours of music that was carefully curated, composed, and polished to perfection, in honor of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art‘s 30th anniversary.

Groundhog Day Benefit Concert — The Opposite of a Trainwreck | Art Mag

I am very excited to be recording with Michael Flynn (Slow Runner) this afternoon for his upcoming solo album!

On Your Mark, Get Set…

Big week…

1) Recording with Michael Flynn (Slow Runner) Wednesday for his upcoming solo album. 2) Heading to Charlotte on Thursday to catch my class mate from MSU, Chris Bullock, perform with his Grammy Award-winning band Snarky Puppy at the Neighborhood Theatre. 3) Just confirmed that Super Deluxe will be opening for Who’s Bad at the Music Farm on Friday, March 14th.


Happy Birthday, James Dewitt Yancey!

City Paper Photo Shoot

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Jonathan Boncek Photography |

“Dillamental Gets It Right”

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